• Laser Director Imaging(LDI)

    LDI can scan the image directly onto the board through light without film.Main capabilities:1, Applicable processes: dry film, wet film.2, No film needed: Save the time, improve the yield rate and qua

    2021-02-22 Edward Qin 50

  • PCB Laser drilling machine

    Main parameters and capacities:•Monitoring the running status automatically. •Automatic calibration •Laser power automatic monitoring •PCB Deformation automatic calibration •PCB thickness measuring au

    2021-02-22 Edward Qin 28

  • Substrate developed by Fuwwa!

    Three-layer asymmetric substrate, blind hole filling, 30μm line width and line spacing, this is the chip substrate developed by FUWWA,

    2021-02-03 Edward Qin 15

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