Shanghai Fuwwa Industrial Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of double-layer, multi-layer, high-rise, HDI, high-frequency, high-speed, and flexible circuit boards. We have advanced equipments and experienced engineers to provide the best quality service for customers in the fields of  communications, medical, aerospace, aviation and consumer electronics, saving customers Development time and funds. We have a complete industrial chain and a strict quality management system.  

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    Fuwwa carefully selected raw material suppliers from dozens of first-class raw material suppliers domestically  and overseas,  and has signed  long-term supply agreements, which ensures that we have large quantities of the best quality raw materials on a timely basis, and it is also a fundamental guarantee of the quality of our company's products.We have established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with Rogers, Hitachi, Matsushita, ITEQ, SYL, Nelco, ISOLA, Taconic, Arlon, Stablcor etc.

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    Fuwwa have built high-standard modern factories and have  hired managers and technicians with first-class work experience in domestic and foreign companies, so as to ensure that our products have our own technical advantages and market competitiveness. Good products allow us to obtain a large number of customers in domestic and overseas markets, and these high-quality customers are our company's valuable resources. Excellent customer groups give us information feedback while improving the function and quality of our products.

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The quality control department has been established since the beginning  of the company. We have invested a huge amount of money to ensure the quality of products, which is the basis for our long-term foothold in the market.   The factory manages and controls the whole process  from raw materials into the factory, production and processing to finished products, and each process follows  scientific norms in order for continuous  improvement.

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Our mission is to be recognized as a premier supplier to the markets we serve by providing quality PCB, HDI, Rigid-Flex PCB and high-frequency CCL products to satisfy the needs of our customers. Our mission will be accomplished through excellence in customer service, sales and manufacturing,  and supported by teamwork of all associates. We will continue our tradition of honesty, fairness and integrity in the relationships with our customers, associates, community and stakeholders.