Factors affecting the quality of electroplating process!

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In PCB electroplating, the main salt refers to the salt that can accumulate the specified coating metal material on the negative electrode in the plating solution to produce metal ions. The main salt content in the bath must be in a moderate range,

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In some cases, if the metal ions of the main salt in the plating solution are simple ions, the coating crystals will be thick. Therefore, a plating solution with complex positive ions should be used. The way to obtain complexation positive ions is to add a complexing agent, that is, a chemical substance that can complex with the metal ion of the main salt to produce complex ions. Complex ion is a kind of "molecular structure chemical substance" produced by the interaction of simple chemical substances. In the plating solution containing complex ions, the main influence on the actual effect of the electroplating process is the relative composition of the main salt and the complexing agent, that is, the dispersion amount of the complexing agent, rather than the positive composition.


        Buffer refers to a chemical substance used to stabilize the pH of an aqueous solution. Such compounds are generally composed of weakly acidic and weakly acidic salts or alkaline and alkaline salts, which can reduce the pH value of the aqueous solution when it encounters alkali or acid.


        Preservatives refer to chemical substances that are not easy to significantly change the conductivity of the coating, but can significantly improve the characteristics of the coating. According to their functions in the plating solution, preservatives can be divided into: polishing liquid, leveling agent, and fog suppressant.


        The chemical substance in the plating solution that can promote the anodic oxidation activity is called anodic oxidation active agent. The effect of the anodic oxidation active agent is to increase the current intensity of the passivation treatment at the beginning of the anodic oxidation, thereby ensuring that the anodic oxidation is active and everything can be dissolved normally. When the anodic oxidation active agent composition is not enough, the anodic oxidation melts abnormally, and the composition of the main salt decreases quickly, which affects the stability of the plating solution. In severe cases, the electroplating process cannot be carried out normally.


Factors affecting the quality of electroplating process


         The electroplating process can use different metal material electroplating process, hot-dip galvanizing, electroplating nickel, stainless steel, etc.


         PH value, antiseptic, current intensity, current wave type, temperature, mixing rate, etc.

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